Saturday, 12 April 2008


All I seem to have made this week is male cards and am desperate for some girly glitter.

This is the card I meantioned in my last blog entry, it for my nan to give to her brother and after much thinking I decided on a simple blue card.

I also made a card for a friend's birthday and although his birthday isn't til the end of May, I could be moving in about a month and know everything will be chaos and I might not get enough time to make cards.

It's an iris folding car which I mounted onto a map of the area he lives

Monday, 7 April 2008

Male card

Here is my latest card, it's for my Uncles birthday and my Nan asked me to make it for her. I did a simple decoupage card mounted on red card then stuck onto a square card blank which I covered with green handmade paper, the idea was to make it look like grass though not sure if I succeeded. I then stuck a cricket ball in the bottom corner with howzat above it then I stuck a happy birthday sticker onto red card and cut round that and stuck it below.
I have been asked to make some more cards for reletives but the bad thing is they are all men this month and I really struggle to make good male cards. The hardest one will be for my nans brother, mostly for mens cards I do sport or drinking cards but this man is a teetotal church goer who doesn't like sports (oh dear!)
Other than struggle with card making I am getting over the survey just done on the house, i just cant wait to move and be done with the hassel, and living 5 minutes from the craft shop (insted of 2 bus rides away) doesn't hurt either.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Heres some more

This is a picture of my first go at Iris folding, sorry the picture isnt great and I must admit it was made using a kit I had been given, but it was really fun to do and I hope I will make some more soon. I really must start crafting again and need some inspiration.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Well here it is my very first picture on my blog, in fact its the first picture of my cards I have dared to show and I am scared people will hate it, that is assuming anyone has ever read or ever will read this blog.
It is a very simple card (like me) and was made for a friends new baby at the end of last year.
I made it by covering a blank with pink gingham paper and mounting a baby pram onto white glitter card I then added some little embellishments to finish it off.
I have never tried anything too elaborate and prefer the more basic card (which is handy because I dont have the skill to much more)
I havn't done much crafting as I have been feeling very low but after this week I have two weeks off and nothing much to do so hopefully I will get some inspiration and get going again.