Saturday, 7 June 2008

Busy, busy me

Done lots of crafting today but don't really have much to show for it. I have done loads of decoupage but not done anything with them and have made an ATC to go to the host of the latest swap as a thankyou. I posted that this afternoon.

I have also been experimenting with fimo clay, I was trying to make keyrings but if I cooked it first I couldn't get the keyring part to clip on and if I put the ring on first it ruined the clay image, back to the drawing board.

So I spent most of the afternoon crafting but have no finished product other than 1 little atc.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Black and white

These are my ATC's for the June swap on the crafts beautiful forum. I have never used just black and white before being a pink glitterly girl so I found this quite a challenge. These were also my first crafting done for a while due to a house move so I find it quite hard to think of any ideas. I did really enjoy it though and can't wait to make some more bits.

I have just purchased a cuttlebug and I am so hooked, I keep finding random bits of paper and start embossing bits then I will start cutting bits out, I have made such a mess but oh the fun I am having. I also just got some Fimo moddeling stuff which I have never used before so inbetween die cutting and embossing I am running back and forwards to the oven to check my creations, whilst doging boxes and decorating equipment. Such fun!

Saturday, 12 April 2008


All I seem to have made this week is male cards and am desperate for some girly glitter.

This is the card I meantioned in my last blog entry, it for my nan to give to her brother and after much thinking I decided on a simple blue card.

I also made a card for a friend's birthday and although his birthday isn't til the end of May, I could be moving in about a month and know everything will be chaos and I might not get enough time to make cards.

It's an iris folding car which I mounted onto a map of the area he lives

Monday, 7 April 2008

Male card

Here is my latest card, it's for my Uncles birthday and my Nan asked me to make it for her. I did a simple decoupage card mounted on red card then stuck onto a square card blank which I covered with green handmade paper, the idea was to make it look like grass though not sure if I succeeded. I then stuck a cricket ball in the bottom corner with howzat above it then I stuck a happy birthday sticker onto red card and cut round that and stuck it below.
I have been asked to make some more cards for reletives but the bad thing is they are all men this month and I really struggle to make good male cards. The hardest one will be for my nans brother, mostly for mens cards I do sport or drinking cards but this man is a teetotal church goer who doesn't like sports (oh dear!)
Other than struggle with card making I am getting over the survey just done on the house, i just cant wait to move and be done with the hassel, and living 5 minutes from the craft shop (insted of 2 bus rides away) doesn't hurt either.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Heres some more

This is a picture of my first go at Iris folding, sorry the picture isnt great and I must admit it was made using a kit I had been given, but it was really fun to do and I hope I will make some more soon. I really must start crafting again and need some inspiration.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Well here it is my very first picture on my blog, in fact its the first picture of my cards I have dared to show and I am scared people will hate it, that is assuming anyone has ever read or ever will read this blog.
It is a very simple card (like me) and was made for a friends new baby at the end of last year.
I made it by covering a blank with pink gingham paper and mounting a baby pram onto white glitter card I then added some little embellishments to finish it off.
I have never tried anything too elaborate and prefer the more basic card (which is handy because I dont have the skill to much more)
I havn't done much crafting as I have been feeling very low but after this week I have two weeks off and nothing much to do so hopefully I will get some inspiration and get going again.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Strange day

Been busy getting ready for our Ofsted inspection and I have said I will work a bit tomorrow(unpaid) and I stayed late today so I am not having as nice a friday night as I had hoped plus I will have the monday morning from hell knowing the inspectors could appear any minute.

At 4 I got a phone call saying I had lost the buyer for my house, this is after 3 months of surveys and other expensive things so naturally I burst into tears, had a viewing at 4.30 (luckily I was still at work) and found out at 6.00 I had an offer and for more than the other offer so it all worked out in the end, YAY!

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Aches and pains

Thats what I have today, work is chaotic and at the moment I have not had much of a chance to do anything worth mentioning.
I hope to get some pictures of crafts and anything else I think is interesting at the weekend so watch this space.

Still got a sore neck/shoulder and seem to have a bit of a lump there, I think its muscle but will kepp an eye on it to make sure.

Nearly Friday everyone, have a good day tomorrow.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Oh the fear

The scariest thing to happen to childcare workers has happened- Ofsted are coming! two days of intense watching then they have the power to shut the school down if they so wish. I have already started panicing and will probably panic till tuesay when it is all over.

I realise my blog is slighty dull and maybe need to fet some pictures on it, I don't have any on my laptop so will have to put some on, maybe of some of my crafting. I am certainly not the most tslented crafter in the world but I sure am keen.

When oh when will this rotten weather end, am I the only one wanting some sun and a slight temperature rise?

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Yawning my way through the day

And that is pretty much what I did today, how can it only be Tuesday and I be so sleepy?

Work was ok and at least the weather was better and the kids could get out for a run around, I have not done much else other than eat and eat, I think the weather must make me hungry because I have pigged out at every opportunity and am surely going to put serious weight on if I don't calm down!

I am in the process of moving house and has just found out that when people saw its one of the most stressful things you can do, they aint kidding!! So much mess and worry, I am dreading the actual move day.

I have got a stiff neck and think it might have something to do with the suitcase size bad I lug around everywhere I go, I don't use half of it but you cab guarantee the second I take stuff out is the second I need it.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Here we go

Well my first entry, bit scary and not too sure what to write about but here goes.

Got blown to work and by the time I arrived I was soaked through, I should have known then that I was in for the sort of day you regret getting up for. I work in a school nursery and picked up the fruit from the office for the day, I set of down the corridoor as I reached my destination something hit my leg, I Looked down to see an orange laying there, I turn around and see a trail of them behind me so off I went picking them all back up again, AHHH!

I then proceeed to drop things, walk into things and generally stumble through the day, Why oh why did I leave my nice warm bed for that.